In da House!

In da House!

Welcome to SONGz FACTORY!

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This is an Entertainment Social Network Platform for the undiscovered artists, music fans and music industry service providers.

For the Unsigned Artist, the platform provides an avenue to get global exposure, upload and share their mp3(s), music videos and showcase their talent. Also for DJs, Beat Makers, Dancer, Choreographer and anyone who produces entertainment videos. And if you choose to sell you songs you can do so on  this platform. This is new revenue and distribution model for the music. Signed and popular Artist are welcome the platform.

For  the Music Fans SONGz FACTORY is a media hub to socialize, listen to, share, download and discover new sounds and beats. It is  also a place to find  information on the concerts or gig in town and/or entertainment needs and services for you events.

For the Music Industry Service Providers and Record Companies, the platform offers access to source for new artists, songwriters, singers, backup vocalist, etc. find the your next wow opening act/collaboration artist/next big star – and also list your industry specific services for aspiring artists and users.

The Platform offering also includes the ability for artists and service providers to announce and broadcast concerts, gigs/events and shows. Tickets can be sold online and/or an on-demand pay per view video created for gigs/events/shows  to be view by fans across the  globe!

So what can you do on the Platform:

  • As an artist- you can upload songs to get exposure, you can use your profile page as your social media website, you can be heard and be discovered, you can find other artist to collaborate with you can broadcast your next release concerts or gig and you can add your concert photos
  • As a music fans & site users- you can play, listen, download & share new songs, you can post comments, requests, photos of celebrities and find your event entertainment needs
  • As a record company or signed artists- you can find opening acts for you shows, find the next big start, songwriter and collaborators for you artists, you can broadcast new release, concerts & gigs, you can upload your songs and concerts/backstage photos
  • And iView, our latest project is for all. A digital library for the audio and video contents, TV on demand (TOD), video on demand (VOD), learning resource. As the internet evolves, the way digital content is being served and consumed is also evolving; digital consumers are looking for a one-stop-hub for all their digital content needs that can be consumer on the go. iView brings to consumers and providers that one-stop centralized hub! Find everything you need to be entertained and be informed!.

    TV Program Mangers, budding TV drama writers and film directors feature your free and/or exclusive shows, drama and short films on iView. For information visit: [ABOUT US ..] and contact: Training provider also get intouch to add your services to iLearn

So go ahead look around, don’t forget to share and once again welcome! you rock!!

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