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Kiss’able’ Kiss Daniel. 
The first time l heard the song, Woju by Kiss Daniel, it was through a colleague’s mobile phone and it fascinated me. Hard as it may seem to believe, l kept on calling my colleague’s phone number just to connect to the song.

Back to Kiss Daniel, l love his name, it is so different and unique, looking at him closely, he does have a pair kissable lips (before you think I’m lusting after the new kid on the bloc, these are just my innocent observations o!).
He is so cute and maybe he grew up enjoying compliments on his ‘kissable lips’, hence his decision to storm the scene with the sensational stage name. His song is an enchantment too, if you’ve listened to it critically. Now, let me explain, his song is that kind of song you fall in love with ‘at first sight’ or ‘first hearing’ such that you never stop kissing (playing), it is on a permanent repeat in car or in your home. I’ve found myself often in this situation.

There is no doubt the Nigerian music scene is saturated, so if you are going to come out with a song that must control the airwaves, becomes the rave club-banger and see the streets rocking, it must have an original identity and that is what Kiss Daniel has done with his grand entry to the scene. The boy is ‘vexing’ seriously. To me he is what l call a complete package. He’s got the looks, his song is original, very street, very acceptable, it can pass for a wedding jam and above danceable to young and old generation. Today, it has come to pass. Love or loathe him, this generation has started kissing Daniel and will do so for a long time if he doesn’t falter.

‘Is Kiss Daniel not going to end up as one hit wonder, a flash in a pan?’ I remember a lot of good music sung by good artists with an original feel, but ended up as a flash in the pan, like Jodie’s Kuchie, Deebee’s Collabo, AY.Com’s Pass Me Love, Bigiano’s Shayo, X-Project Lori Le, Jhybo’s Run Their Mouth, Infiniti’s Olori Oko to mention but a few. The list goes on. These guys were original and made waves with the songs but who knows what actually went wrong.

I hope and pray Kiss Daniel is going to be different because l also hear he pens his lyrics unlike most other acts that freestyle. He has a unique voice and delivery, that he effortlessly dishes out. He is extremely talented and he is very young and fresh.

All you need to know about Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel is the new kid on the bloc in the entertainment industry.
Undoubtedly the fastest rising star in the Music Industry right now, his Hit Single “Woju” is the Talk of the Town this Festive Season and has been getting massive airplays on radio. Born Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, Kiss Daniel is from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.
He attended Abeokuta Grammar School and graduated from Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria in the year 2013.

He started his music career professionally 2013 after his tertiary education, when he came across the famous G-Worldwide Entertainment CEO, Emperor Geezy who in turn had heard a lot about him and sign him to his record label. Kiss Daniel’s first official single titled “Shoye” produced by Beatburx was released on May 1, 2014 from the stables of G-Worldwide Entertainment and also dropped a video to it couple of weeks after, which was directed by MEX Film.
Having created a platform for himself and his record label, he rose again but this time teaming up with the amazing producer Dj Coublon to drop a follow up single titled “Woju” which is a highlife tune. “Woju” talks about a typical African lady response to compliments from a gentleman and Woju has hit no1 spot at several top radio stations in Nigeria and the best is yet to come for the good looking artist whom a lot of babes and even guys are crazy about.

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