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In da House!

J-don Bio

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J-don can be considered as one of Nigeria biggest music export, His leap into the musical world didn’t come by chance nor did it happen by accident. Born into a highly talented family; both parents founded and managed the then Aniocha cultural musical band. This in its time staged a lot of great performances for some high dignitaries in the country. Even at a very young age he had fun accompanying his dad to some of those shows and volunteered to play one instrument or the other. Before the band went defunct J-don had grew his musical and instrumental prowess to lead the band as the chief guitarist and singer. His unique performances called in great admiration from fans and lovers of the Aniocha traditional music.

Some time in his life he joined in with a friend and formed an urban hip pop group called the Magic Squad. He worked with his former team mate O-sun, and musical artistes like Danny young way back in 2004/2005. This musical partnership was cut short as plans to travel to delta state J-don home state came underway. Right there J-don came face to face with intense instrumental and vocal training, confidence building and stage movement.

This change birthed forth a full combination of both the urban and core traditional genre. R&B, Juju, Reggae, Hip Pop, Afro-juju Hip pop, Hip life, African R&B. Crisscrossing between diverse genres of music is J-don’s unique strength and gift.

J-don’s relationship with music he says is a spiritual thing. He understands that music can be a powerful inspirational tool and this fuels his passion to create inspirational songs to edify and inspire the souls of his listeners. He is referred to by his music lover/followers as Nigeria world number one international Juju Pop. -Bio by the Artist.
Click >>HERE<< for J Don’s digital interview with @songzfactory – Impressive!

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