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Naff Tee Ali

  • Release date: 2015-01-12
  • Label: B-Section Entertainment
  • Catalog #: 010115


  1. 1

    Won't be Back by Naff Tee Ali prod by Maximillion

    Won't be Back
  2. 2

    Gotta Know by Naff Tee Ali feat Starn) prod by Eclipse

  3. 3

    Finally Home by Naff Tee Ali feat Starn prod by Eclipse

  4. 4

    March On by Naff Tee Ali prod by Illtech

  5. 5

    Coasting by Naff Tee Ali prod by T.Smallz

  6. 6

    Fade Away by Naff Tee Ali prod By Starn

Album Description

Naff Tee Ali is a South African based Independent Hip Hop Recording Artist and Songwriter.

“This Is It” is a 6 Track EP from the Johannesburg HipHop Artist and Song writer released on 12th Jan, 2015. Executive produced by and featuring Starn DAindustry this EP stands as an impressive introduction for an artist who with no doubt has the ability to make some very good music. Also included in this album is his last year [“Fade Away” | Read more…] which was a great a hit for songzfactory music fans.

Music Tasters

The EP makes for a very good listen. ‘March on’ we feel has a good feel, beat and vibe to it. It’s our fav! … No doubt Naff Tee Ali has got it going on and YES!! “the world gotta know” you got it going on!!

songzfactory musictaster