In da House!

In da House!

Digital Interview Transcripts

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digiterview2SONGz FACTORY brings to you “Digital Interview” via twitter. Our house music buff chats with Artists, Celebrities and Media Personals via twitter to give  access to exclusive insight to their careers, current project(s) and much more.
For up coming interview use the Artist hashtag below (or #nextTwitterview) to join the chat, ask question and/or add comments. Or follow twitter handle @songzfactory to be informed of the interview date. To be interviewed, email

Below are some of our past and exciting interviews

 #askWanRizzy   Ugandan Rapper – Wan Rizzy
 #askToyaD   South African Singer- Toya Delazy
 #askDdaOB   Ugandan Rapper- Damascus Da OB
 #askKevinB  US Rapper – Kevin B
 #askJimiOne  Urban Artist with blend of Hip Pop, Afropop & R&B – Jimi One
 #askJAS  UK R&B Artist – Jokshan Simpson
#askJDON  Nigerian Jujupop Artist – J Don
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