An unsigned artist out of Milwaukee, USA following his dreams to one day get the opportunity to perform songs of his life, feelings and thoughts to those who adore/love music greatly.
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My dream is your dream, where you help me attain mine I do a favor in return. Join the movement and support me, TiggerTae, on my path to success. Follow me on Twitter @d_tidmore and mention me thoughts about songs you’ve listen to and so on. Appreciate you for giving me some of your time out of your day to listen and do that so thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you soon and I hope you become a fan.Love TiggerTae

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  1. 1

    Fakeby TiggerTae Genre: Rap

  2. 2

    Bank Jobby TiggerTae Genre: Rap

    Bank Job
  3. 3

    Remix to Drake's 0 To 100by TiggerTae Genre: Rap

    Remix to Drake's 0 To 100