Kameron Corvet


Kam’s the son of an Attorney and an artistically inclined Nurse who eloped after knowing each other for only a month. Watching his parents get to know each other while raising him and his two siblings allowed Kam to witness the highs and lows of a relationship first hand. Kameron came into his ability to sing, write and eventually play while living with his grandparents and attending church where the cast of a Sunday service included all of his family members from the pulpit to the choir and musicians. After years of asking, Kam’s parents finally bought him an acoustic guitar that he began to craft his first songs with. Kam’s credits his
lyricism to interacting with people from all walks of life and to his lifelong study of the French.

A vocalist in its truest form, Kam grew up with early influences ranging from classical and gospel to pop, rock and soul. “My musical influences came naturally from my different family relationships. One aunt loved Prince,
one uncle loved Maxwell and so on.” says Corvet. He’s an ex-Collegiate athlete who bounced between public and private school being influenced by Radiohead, John Mayer and Kanye West along the way. He’s a guitar playing singer/songwriter with an RnB sensibility who enjoys the idea of walking the tightrope between genres. Kam has been featured performing as a part of BET Music Matters, and most recently
featured on
His knack for live performance has allowed him to grace the stage and open for nationally and internationally known artists including: Adele, Tamia, Jahiem, Bilal, Dwele, Alice Smith and Marsha Ambrosius. “The test of every true artist arrives when forced to what you love with with who you love” says Kameron. And that’s where we find Kam, free to love all of it and walking out his musical destiny one song at a time.
Kameron Corvet

Atlanta, GA, US

A vocalist in its truest from; no doubt about that! Kam, We can hear you very well when you sing over everything!! … A play on words on his “Nothing at All” track. Listen and support the artist buy it now

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    Nothing at Allby Kameron Corvet