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Jokshan Anthony Simpson born on December 8th 1992 in West London, United Kingdom Jokshan is a Singer/Songwriter/Rapper. Jokshan began performing with encouragement by classmates, friends and family whilst in secondary school, Leading up to being chosen to perform live on stage with the “Gorillas” at the Brit Awards in 2006 along side Big names such as Kanye West and Chris Brown (one of his biggest achievements to date).

Since then Jokshan has been described as the future sound of R&B bringing a new vibe to the music industry.He is currently working on becoming the big music artist he knows he can be and hopes to achieve his dreams in the very near future. [ Read more… ]

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Jokshan we salute your dedication and professionalism to the art. We see you as the model for all unsigned artists to follow. Your future is bright!.songzfactory

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Tracks from his Album

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    Introfrom the ablum Fathom They Just Don't Understand Me Released: 2013

  2. 2

    02 G&T FreeStylefrom the album Fathom Genre: Rap

    02 G&T FreeStyle
  3. 3

    08 Fathom - Just Don't Get Itfrom the album Fathom Genre: R&B/Hip-Hop

    08 Fathom - Just Don't Get It
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