Ayooluwa Daniel Abraham known as Hayo Niel is an singer, songwriter & producer from Lagos, Nigeria.He has won the hearts of many with his smooth vocals and catchy lyrics. His first official project ‘The Free Spirit’ EP is a fusion of various genres, both vocal delivery and production stand out to create a unique listening experience.
Currently unsigned he released his first single ‘If I Fall’ and was featured on Gray Jones ‘Mi O Ran Yan’ with cameo appearances by Mi, Eva, Ice Prince, Dipp, Morachi and a few others. Both songs were released with visuals shot by Mex (PXC). He is currently working on his debut album ‘Electonic Tribe’ … Definitely one to look out for.
The Free Spirit Ep truly stands out, leaving you eager for even more amazing music, something Hayo Niel without a doubt will constantly deliver”. Listen to 2 pieces from the EP below and don’t forget to get entire Extended Play here on songzfactory.
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This 6 tracked EP is truly unique and truly a fusion of various genres; you get this in track #5 ‘Light’ – it has some Asian/Indian rhythm to it. And ‘Vows’, track #6 is a very solemn music; somberly impressive.

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  1. 1

    Kilowadeby Hayo Niel

  2. 2

    My Matterby Hayo Niel


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